Sunday, January 18, 2009


Okay so I thought I was doing so good this year. I had made it half way through the year and I started thinking maybe I wouldn't get sick this year. WRONG!!!! I went to a conference in Fort Smith on Friday and I wasn't feeling all that well. Then I woke up on Saturday morning coughing my head off and not being able to swallow without it hurting. So being the baby that I am, I went to my mothers house in the town right next to mine. She is a nurse and is always on call for her daughter! She looked at my throat and heard me cough and told me to go right back to the clinic and see a Dr. Of course, I started crying because I don't want to be sick. Once again, yes I am a 28 year old baby! At the Dr., i saw four or five of my students sick as well and I really wanted to blame them, but I just couldn't do it. The good news was that i didn't have strep throat which was my fear. Instead I have Bronchitis! BOO!!!! This is definitely making me not a happy camper!

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